Nominate Officer or Interest in Committee
Are you ready or know someone who is ready to step up and help support SAGAG, to keep our Guild moving forward, to improve the Guild and find new ways to serve our members?

The following members have already expressed an interest in serving. (But hey, this is an election -- so a friendly competition is always welcome).

- President: nominee Matt Grones
- President Elect: no nominee
- Vice President: nominee Kay Johnson
- Treasurer: nominee Wiede Cutshall
- Recording Secretary: nominee Monica Colby
- Communication Secretary: nominee Louise Craig, Reanelle Harris (withdrawn)
- Parliamentarian: Sam Hibler

- Membership: Melissa Childers-White
- Web Site: Louise Craig

We especially need members interested in serving as President Elect and Vice President. If you're interested, enthusiastic, willing to learn and help out, please submit your name. You do not have to have prior experience to serve on the board.

DEADLINE: Complete the Nomination/Interest form by May 21

For additional ways to submit nominations, visit the website --

-- NOMINATIONS for Board Member 2019-2020
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President Elect
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Vice President
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Recording Secretary
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Communication Secretary
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--INTEREST in Serving as a Committee Chairperson
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Fund Raising
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Other - Propose a Committee
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