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Please fill in the fields you know. You don’t need to fill all fields, we will define unspecified parameters at our discretion.
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1. Your name, for distinguishing your arrow set from other sets that are in our production. *
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2. Arrow model name. *
3. Quantity. Please specify quantity of the arrows for this set. *
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4. Only for wooden arrows. Please indicate a) or b) for standard wooden arrows A2 and A3. If you need any another material, please specify it.
5. Diameter only for wooden arrows. Please specify diameter for standard wooden arrows A2 and A3. You can choose 5/16” (8mm) or 11/32” (8,7mm). Please note that the diameter may differ slightly from the nominal (0,1-0,2mm). For all arrows with bamboo shafts diameter can’t be selected, because bamboo shafts have variable diameter.
6. Arrow length. Indicate the length in centimeters or inches. Please indicate it will be Full length of the arrow or AMO length of the arrow, from nock to edge of arrowhead.
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7. If you have ready spine and weight parameters of shaft please indicate it. If not, we will select shafts according to your bow and arrow data. (next fields 8. and 9.)
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8. Draw weight of the bow (in pounds or kilograms), please indicate at what draw length, the default is 28". (for example 30 pounds (lbs, #) at 28 inches (“) or 40# at 30” etc) *
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9. Technique of shooting. This affects the choice of arrows spine. *
10. Type of arrow nock. (Plastic - standard plastic nock for wooden arrows. Wooden - self nock with linen bandage for wooden arrows, glued in self wooden nock for bamboo arrows, kyudo shape glued in wooden nock for kyudo style arrows and string fixing glued in wooden nock for Manchu style arrows)
11. Position of lead (cock) feather. Default for wooden, bamboo and Manchu arrows is perpendicular to string slot; for kyudo arrows parallel to string slot.
12. Colour of feathers. Please indicate colour of lead (cock) feather and other (hen) feathers. If not, we will choose colour at our discretion.
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13. Shape of feathers. Shield or parabolic for standard wooden and bamboo arrows. (For kyudo and manchu style arrows the shape is kyudo and manchu style by default, you don’t need to indicate it). If you need the specific feather shape, please indicate it.
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14. Weight of arrowpoints. If you have not standart arrow point request, please write about it. Also please indicate, if you need arrows without arrowpoint.
15. Aditional notes. Please write all your additional notes if you have.
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