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Thank you for your desire to join one of our LOL Teams! Please fill out this form if you would like to serve on our outreach team, and one of our team leads will contact you soon! Below you will find a description of each team.

Prayer Team--This team meets together to pray, canvas the neighborhoods we are reaching with prayer, and strategize how to be effective in our prayer for the community.

Promotion Team--This team will be responsible for helping with the promotion of the event. They will hand deliver posters, place banners up, work on social media advertising, connect with community leaders, and brainstorm how to get the word out.

HELPS Team (Set Up/Tear Down/Ushers Team)--This team focuses on the preparation of each event. They will work together to make sure everything is set up and properly torn down. This team will be responsible for crowd control, assisting people, and helping with lines, seating, etc... We will need this team all three nights. tent will be set up several days prior to the event and the day of the event will If you like to help and follow easy instructions, then this is the team for you!

Sound/Lighting--This team will be responsible for all the sound & lighting set up, execution, and tear down. They will be working all three nights of the event.

Media Team--This team will help with the videography and photos to use for advertisement, testimonies, and to capture the crusade highlights.

Registration Team--They will work the event days by registering people who come to the event for prizes. They will be responsible for the organization and collection of names, addresses and phone numbers. They will work with the distribution team for drawings and giveaways.

Hot Meal Team--This team organizes, preps, cooks, and serves the hot meal during each event. If you enjoy shopping, cooking, or serving food, this is the team for you! We will be cooking all three nights of the event.

Distribution Team--This team is responsible for collecting items, managing what we have, organizing distribution day, and distributing anything we are passing out.

Connect Team--This team thrives on witnessing one-on-one. Each event, they take time with those attending and open conversations that will lead to sharing the gospel. They strategize how to reach them and follow up after the event.

Clean Team--This team will be responsible to clean up before and after each event. We will have to keep the grounds litter free as well as the bathrooms. We will need this team all three nights.

Fun Activities/Kids Games Team--This team organizes different fun activities for the kids, teens, and adults at each event. They help plan and execute to make our LOL events fun and exciting.
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