FairShares V3.2 - Company Rules Generator (English)

This form enables you to prepare a set of Articles of Association for a FairShares V3.2 enterprise to register under Company Law, guided by notes on each Article (or provided by yourself). If you want to create rules for cooperative associations, cooperative societies or partnerships, please use a different form. The initial process of answering questions in English normally takes 10-20 minutes.

Starting a FairShares enterprise is treated as "a substantial and lasting contribution to the promotion, dissemination, development or administration of the FairShares Model and/or FairShares Association". This means you will meet the association's qualifying criteria for User Membership if you start a company using the rules you generate.

FairShares IP is licensed using Creative Commons. Therefore, as a condition of use, the information you enter will be added to a FairShares database so that members can use it to develop services (like this one) and undertake research into how FairShares is used.

The applicable licence is: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

You do not have to pay anything - this is a free service. The service guides you through the process of configuring the FairShares Model to fit your needs. Some knowledge of creating constitutions for organisations is helpful, but not essential. Knowledge of the FairShares Model definitely helps (see the Introductory self-study course at https://fairshares.education).

The answers you give will be used to generate your FairShares Company rules. You will receive a Word Document containing your Articles (free of charge).
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What is the status of the rules you are creating? If you are just trying out this rules generator, choose 'trial'. If you are working on a live project chose 'draft' for your initial attempts and 'final' for your finalised rules.
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Do you accept that your responses and any documents generated are governed by a Creative Commons licence? (Responses you give will become part of a shared database available to members for the purposes of service development and research). Note that you must not remove (or allow others to remove) the Creative Commons licence added to the documents generated by this service.
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