Jesus and Me Workshop
Today over two billion people in the world call themselves followers of Jesus. Arguably Jesus can be called one of the most influential figures in Western Culture. Yet two thousand years ago there were only a handful of Jesus followers. What happened?

This workshop attempts to answers questions like the above one. The workshop will touch upon topics such as the historical context in which Jesus lives, the teachings of Jesus, the origins of the New Testament, the preaching of Paul, and the influence of the Roman Empire. We will discuss these topics in a workshop format where each participant will actively participate and begin to personalize the meaning of Jesus.

We invite people to explore the meaning of the historical, cultural, and spiritual events for their own lives as we uncover the many layers of the Jesus movement. In the workshop, we will not only explore the evidence around the historical Jesus and the early growth of Christianity but also will study of the meaning and values of Jesus teachings in each of our lives.

Anyone with an interest in the topic and an open mind is welcome. No previous knowledge of Jesus or experiences with Christianity are needed.

The workshop facilitators, Erik Solberg and Wim Sweldens, are two Beaconites who have been amateur Jesus enthusiasts for a number of years and have a passion for sharing these ideas in a workshop format. They have previously presented this workshop in 2015 and 2013, but will introduce several new segments.

We ask for a donation of $20 and lunch will be provided. There is a hard limit of 20 participants and registration will happen on a first come, first serve basis. Participants are expected to stay the full day and no partial day registration is possible.

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