DSK International Clubs Sign Up Form Term 2 2019/ 2020
DSK International
Rokko Island 3-2-8 Koyochonaka
Higashinada-ku, Kobe

Sign up here for Extracurricular Activities (Club) 2019/20 - Term 2.

All student clubs are ¥20000 for "weekly" 14 lessons with the exception of the Skateboard (¥23000) and Baking / Cooking Clubs (¥21000) which incur extra fees and are offered approximately every 2nd week.

Children who are not students of DSK International are also welcome to join! Invite a friend!

Now offering Morning Clubs for students before school on Tuesdays!

Adult language (Japanese) and "Pay on the Day" exercise classes also available!

***Please complete a different application for each child/ participant***
**One child/ participant can sign up for multiple clubs through the same application**

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DSKI Weekly Extracurricular Clubs and Class Offerings Term 2 2019/2020
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