Darrans Winter Climbing Meet 2019
13th-21st July 2019
Based out of Homer Hut (NZAC), on the Milford Road.

The 12th annual Darrans Winter Climbing Meet will take place from Saturday the 13th, through until Sunday the 21st of July 2019. As with previous years the Meet will be based out of Homer Hut in the heart of the Darran Mountains.

The Darrans in winter offer some of New Zealand's best climbing potential. With objectives to suit climbers of all levels of experience and ability. From gentle snow plods and roadside cragging, right through to some of the biggest and most difficult mountain faces in the country. However, please be warned that the Darran Mountains in the depths of winter is not to be taken lightly. This is big and serious country and you need to be adequately prepared for any objective that you plan to attempt. The Meet is not really suited to those with no Winter experience. If in doubt please ask in advance.

The Meet provides an informal and sociable venue where climbers can get together, go climbing and enjoy a truly magical winter wonderland. Everyone attending the Meet needs to come fully prepared for the objectives that they intend to attempt - there is no formal instruction offered and you will be expected to take responsibility for yourself. You will also need to bring all of your own climbing, and hut, gear plus food for the duration of the Meet. Remember that it's a long drive to the nearest shop!

For those who are not familiar with the area we would recommend getting a copy of the 2015 guidebook before attending. This can be sourced from the NZAC website - https://alpineclub.org.nz/product/the-darran-mountains-in-winter-a-climbers-guide/

The Meet is open to both members and non-members of the NZAC. However, if you are not a member we would encourage you to join in order to take advantage of all the benefits that the club provides. Or at the very least to enjoy the discounted hut fees!

The hut fees for adults at Homer are $20 per night for NZAC member and $35 per night for non-members. Other than the cost of hut fees the Meet is free to attend. We ask for everyone to please pay a $60 deposit in advance of the Meet, this can be made directly to the NZAC using the following link - https://alpineclub.org.nz/product/invoice.

The number of people attending the Meet is limited by the capacity of Homer Hut. And all registrations will be taken on a first come first served basis.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU SIGN UP: Please attend the meet with your own specific objectives in mind and feel free to make plans, that are within your ability, with others that are attending the meet. There will be no formal instruction at this meet. Please note that club members are not available to act as a guide. You must be able to make independent decisions. This Meet is not for absolute beginners, unless you have a experienced person with you that is willing to assist you.

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