5 Minute Diminished Value Qualifier
Please fill in the information about your claim to help us determine if your vehicle is a candidate for Diminished Value. If you don't like forms, or technology, feel free to call us and we will take your information over the phone! 425-754-3474.
Call today to see if you qualify! 425-754-3474
What is Diminished Value?
Diminished value is the difference between the best price the owner could have gotten for the vehicle before the wreck and the best price the owner can get assuming - actually or hypothetically- that the vehicle is repaired as well as it can be repaired. When a vehicle gets wrecked, consumer demand goes down even if a repair shop does a great job fixing it. As demand goes down, so does the value of the asset.
Who do we work for?
We are truly independent expert appraisers. We have worked with both insurance companies and consumers as expert witnesses in resolving complex Diminished Value and Disputed Value Claims. With our passion for the auto industry, extensive knowledge of the vehicle market, and understanding of auto body repairs we can accurately assist in the assessment of a Diminished Value Claim.
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