Call for Submissions - Motherhood as Erasure Poetry Anthology
For many women, the transition to motherhood feels like erasure. New mothers are often ostracized, isolated, and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of caring for a new human being. The mother's needs and individualism are often swept aside for the good of their offspring, and even when these women emerge from their loneliness, they are forever changed--parts of their past selves erased to make room for their new identity and role in life.

We are seeking erasure poems that capture this challenging facet motherhood experience. We encourage submissions by a wide variety of mothers, including women of color, nonbinary and queer writers, those parenting adopted children, and mothers who have experienced child loss (at any stage of viability).

Contributors will receive contributor copies of the completed anthology. Proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit organization to be determined by contributors.


Editors: Leslie Salas, Shannon Hardwick, Sarah Ghoshal, & Samantha Pavlov
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