2020 Boji Family Getaway
Date - Pre-determined by calling Sara at 712-337-3306 to confirm your housing reservation!

For additional details on this program, please visit our website at www.okoboji.org/bojigetaway
Primary Family Contact Name *
Family Email *
Cell Phone for Primary Contact *
Current Mailing Address for Family *
Please list any additional campers who will be part of your family (defined as those staying in your housing with you!): *
Dietary restrictions/Considerations *
Please note any additional details we should know about dietary concerns or specify food allergies here:
For our staffed, scheduled rec opportunities, we may need to group or pair families up. To help limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19 from other campers, we will be striving to keep these grouping consistent through all rec options. If you are looking forward to connecting with a specific family or two while at camp, please list them below so we can do our best to put you together for rec opportunities. If you would prefer to not be paired with any other families, please note this as well.
To help best plan staff availability and ensure as many people as possible are able to enjoy available rec opportunities, please indicate which activities you are interested in as a family below. Rec opportunities will be scheduled prior to your arrival doing our best to honor your cohort and preferred day and time. Unless otherwise noted, all costs are included in your Boji Family Getaway fees.
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Only those listed below
Pontoon Rides
Aerial Ropes Course*
Paintball *
Escape Room
Beach Time**
For any activity chosen above where not everyone is interested in participating, please list who is planning to participate here.
Rec Option Notes
* Aerial Ropes and Paintball require an additional $20 per person fee to be paid in advance of participation.
** Beach time will only be scheduled if the total number of campers warrants. Otherwise we are planning on open beach times in the both late morning and afternoon hours weather permitting.
I give my permission for my family to participate in all aspects of the camp's program except as noted. I understand an effort will be made to contact me if a family member needs emergency medical-surgical treatment. I hereby give permission to the staff member selected by the camp to secure proper treatment, hospitalize, order injections, anesthesia, x-ray or surgery as deemed necessary for my child named above. I accept responsibility for payment of such services. I will in no way hold Ingham Okoboji, staff members or board members liable and completely assume all risk. I will also waive all claims against these entities and individuals. I give my permission for any picture or video taken of my family to be used for promotional purposes. I understand that choosing to participate in the program may increase my family’s risk of being exposed to COVID-19 and agree to pre-screen all family members before arrival, not bring anyone who is sick to camp, and honor social distancing guidelines as needed for the safety of myself, my family, other campers, and IOLBC staff. *
We are excited to see you this summer! Please be watching your email for additional emails from us with further details to be aware of prior to your arrival.
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