Never Again Action: Nashville RSVP
As Jews, we’ve been taught to never let anything like the Holocaust happen again. Now, with children detained in unacceptable conditions, ICE terrorizing immigrants in every corner of the country, and people dying at the border while seeking safety in the US, we are seeing the signs of a mass atrocity. We've seen this before.

Never Again Action is a nationwide human rights movement led by Jews. We refuse to wait and see -- we know from our own history what happens when a government targets, dehumanizes and strips an entire group of people of all their civil and human rights. Never again is now. Never again means never again. And never again applies to all people, regardless of race, religion, identity, or immigration status.

So we're taking to the streets to push back against fascism. Join us on Monday, August 19th in Nashville at 9:30am (location to be released soon) to say “never again” to ICE.

#NeverAgain Means #neveragain.
#NeverAgain Means #abolishICE.
#NeverAgain Means #closethecamps.
#NeverAgain Means #neveragainforanyone.
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Are you willing to help take photos and share digital content on the day of the event?
Can you attend an art build (make sign, posters, banners) at 1:30pm on August 18th?
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