1000 Mile Challenge Spring Edition 2019 Individual October Mileage Submission Form
ALL CHALLENGERS (both solo and on a team) will submit this form. Please only submit this form ONCE. Don't forget to complete all "required fields" and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page when you're done. Due by 11/10/19. You will receive a confirmation email from Google Forms. If you need to edit your submission, there is a link in the confirmation email to do so (must be done by the 10th).

For Challengers on a team: Each team will elect a Team Captain, and each Team Member will report their monthly mileage to the Team Captain. Only the Team Captain will submit the Team Miles using the Team Mileage Submission Form. Each team member will still submit their solo mileage using the Individual Mileage Submission Form!!

The Ranking Report will be posted (and emailed) by 11/15/19. If you have an error or you failed to submit by the 10th, don't worry. Our system is designed to be self-correcting. You can make the correction on the NEXT REPORT by adjusting the "cumulative miles" field accordingly!! Have questions or need help? Contact us at goal1000miles@gmail.com.

Important Links:
All downloadable Challenger Files including Milestone Bibs: bit.ly/tmcfiles
All Monthly Mileage Submission Forms and Ranking Reports (Very important: Make sure to bookmark this link):
Facebook Challenger Support Group: facebook.com/groups/tmc2019spring
Registration and Merchandise: bit.ly/tmcshop
1000 Mile Challenge Facebook Page: facebook.com/goal1000miles
1000 Mile Challenge Website: 1000milechallenge.org
Challenger Support: goal1000miles@gmail.com
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