(Spring 2017) MIS 2502.002 Survey: Get to know your background
This survey is for me to know a bit about your background. Please complete by September 2 (the end of the 1st week).
Your Name (Optional)
Are you a MIS major or Minor?
If your major is not MIS, what is your major?
Skip this question if you major in MIS.
Have you ever taken a statistics course (or are you currently taking one)?
Have you ever taken a programming or computer science related course (or are you currently taking one)?
Have you heard the term "database" or Structured Query Language (SQL)?
How familiar are you with Microsoft Excel?
Have you heard R, a programming language and software for statistical computing?
Did you have internship or work experience which required data analytics?
What technical skills do you have?
For example, Microsoft Excel, Access, R, SQL, Java, Python, C, C++, PHP, HTML, CSS, Stata, SAS
What is your career objective?
Which topic(s) do you look forward to most, or are you most interested in from this course?
Choose one or more from the following list. The course syllabus is available here: http://community.mis.temple.edu/mis2502sec002f17/
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