Marine Litter
This set of questions is designed to collect information about the level of beach cleaning activity within the Moray Firth marine region. By answering these questions you are giving us a snapshot of work that is being undertaken, some of the issues that we face, and whether there is support for further work to be done in co-ordinating, promoting and collaborating on marine litter issues.
Yourself/organisation - please give a little information about the beach cleaning group. Are you completing this form as *
What is the name of your group?
Please tell us in which area you undertake beach cleans *
Do you clean a specific beach(es)? *
If yes, please let us know the location(s)
How many beach cleans per year do you usually undertake? *
How many people are usually involved in the beach clean? *
Is your beach cleaning activity open to the public, or restricted to a specific group? *
Are you able to get litter collected, are there access issues, do you need help in promoting your cleans? Please use this space to tell us about any issues that you encounter that you need some help resolving. *
Do you agree with our Vision for marine litter in the Moray Firth? - "The coastline of the Moray Firth is clear of historic litter, and recurring litter is routinely tackled to reduce its impact on the marine and coastal environment. Education has raised awareness of the issue, leading to communities taking ownership of their own area". *
Please add any comments on the Vision that you may have.
We envisage MFP having a good oversight of the activity in the area, helping to address issues as they arise and identifying where there may be gaps in provision. Do you agree that this is a role that MFP should play? *
Do you have any comments on the above proposal?
Would you be interested in joining of a virtual working group to inform future policy and strategy on marine litter in the Moray Firth? *
Would your group like to be included in our list of marine litter activity, available on our website and promoted via social media? *
Please provide details of website and social media if you have them.
Prior to this questionnaire, were you aware of *
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Can we contact you again as we progress with our plans? *
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