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Hi everybody! If you would like your blog to appear in a Rhizo15 "combo feed" RSS, please supply your blog RSS address in the field below, or you can just paste in the blog address if you are not sure about the RSS address.

I should be able to find your specific Rhizo15 feed stream just based on your blog address. If you are interested, here is how specific subfeeds work for different blogging platforms. I'm sharing this info because it is a very cool feature to know about if you are an RSS fan:

WordPress feeds: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Feeds

Blogger feeds: https://support.google.com/blogger/answer/53336?hl=en

Tumblr feeds: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19418589/tumblr-rss-feed-that-only-contains-specific-tags

I've included a field here for email contact information so that if I run into problems adding your RSS to the combo-feed, I will be able to troubleshoot that with you!

FOR COMBO RSS FEED, plus HTML clippings and public OPML, go here:

Thank you for sharing! :-)

Laura Gibbs (@OnlineCrsLady)

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