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Before you fill in this form, be sure to have a look at my commission guidelines.


This will help you find out if my service is the type of help you need, before you take on the effort of describing your project.

This form asks all the basic information I need from you to take on your art commission on a serious professional level. Providing this information allows me to name a fixed price or budget range for your project.

Furthermore both of us can establish a structure in regards to communication tools, feedback/update routine, revision works, as well as milestones and deadlines.

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What type of graphic asset do you want to commission? *
What kind of tools do you want to be used? *
What basic style should your asset use? *
What angle/perspective should be used for 2D graphics? (Describe the kind of game/project you are creating and what perspectives are used to display graphics. Is it a side-view or a top-down perspective?) *
What resolution and file format do you need the graphics to be in? (Think about how you want to use the assets within your production. Ask yourself, do I need a source file like "SVG" or a rendered format like "PNG"? Is my project displayed in 1920x1080, 320x240, 640x480, 4K or some other resolution? *
What theme, motives, mood/atmosphere do you want to come across? (i.e. a candy land displaying big lollipops and cupcakes with a happy atmosphere using extremely saturated and loud colors/ an old castle displaying rotten interior with an ancient atmosphere using dark unsaturated colors and a lot of grey for a melancholic or fearful mood) *
Do you have references or concepts of things you like or assets that already exist and are used within your project? (Share links to your project page or images of works you like) *
What is your budget range? (A friendly advice: be honest and upfront, it saves us both valuable time! After all you should know what you would like to invest as a maximum price and know your limits. My offer can be something that suits your budget right away instead of turning into tiresome ping pong communication) *
What is your latest deadline, where you absolutely need these asset delivered? (Note: If you do not have a tight schedule, don't fill out this section)
Anything else you want me to know about your project? (Feel free to offer additional information or ask questions)
Do you allow the use of your commission on my portfolio? (A reference to your project is possible if you would like this association to improve your audience reach) *
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