Dragon Sale 2019 - Buying Raffle Tickets
THANK YOU SO MUCH for entering the Dragon Sale 2019 Raffle.


There are vouchers and hampers to name but a few. We will be publishing the FULL LIST at www.dragonsale.org/raffle and watch out for examples in the Dragon Sale newsletters.


if you have a child at the school, we would greatly appreciate payment via your school bill. If you have a Dragon School Pupil Code (this is either a 6 digit code that can be found on a previous bill, usually the first 4 letters of your child's surname then first initials of both their first and middle name, or if your child started this year, it is the first 10 letters of the surname followed by 2 digits); but don't worry, we always check them for you!), please fill it in below and the tickets will be automatically charged to your school bill at the end of term.

If you do not have a child at the school or would prefer not to pay via your school bill, please insert the word CASH in the final box and we will send you a separate email with instructions on other ways we can arrange to collect the payment.

Tickets are £5 per strip of 5.
We send ticket numbers (& colours) via email. Once you have completed this form you will then be emailed your Ticket numbers within a week, with the subject line 'DRAGON SALE 2019 RAFFLE TICKETS', so please look out for it (potentially in your Junk/Spam folder).

Contact details and allocated ticket numbers for all those who buy tickets online before the day are automatically generated by the Google form, so don't despair if you forget the email on the day...you will still be contacted if you win a prize (as long as you fill in the mobile number that you will have with you on the day below).

Please fill in the following information:
Email address *
Title and Full Name: *
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Contact Telephone Number: *
Preferably the number of the MOBILE you will have with you at the sale.
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Number of Tickets you wish to buy: *
Tickets are £5 for 5 tickets. Please state the TOTAL NUMBER of tickets you wish to buy (this will be the total cost of tickets you will be charged for, e.g. if you write 20, this will be 20 individual tickets included in the draw and you will be charged £20).
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Child's full name (or your name if CASH buyer): *
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ONLY if paying via the SCHOOL BILL, please fill in your child's Pupil Code IN CAPITALS here:
This is either a 6 or 12 digit code: normally the first 4 letters of their surname and then their first 2 initials (e.g. John Robert Smith = SMITJR). However if your child started this year, it is the first 10 digits of the surname plus 2 further digits. To ensure you have the correct pupil code look on a previous school bill, but the school will also check it.
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If NOT paying via the school bill:
If you do not have a Dragon School pupil code, please insert the word 'CASH' here and we will email you with instructions on how to make payment.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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