2018 Fall Conference Evaluation
Please complete this evaluation if you did not submit a paper copy on Friday. We appreciate your feedback in our continual quest to improve your experience. Thank you!
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Online registration and payment process options
Conference information on the website
Communications prior to the conference
Conference check-in and/or onsite registration
Keynote Speaker Billy McLaughlin
Topics and quality of breakout sessions
Catering quality of lunch and refreshments
Opportunities to network and meet people
Conference facilities
Conference location
Overall conference experience
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MCTLC selects one session to represent our state as the "Best of Minnesota" at the Central States Conference. Please identify which session stands out as worthy of this recognition. Explain.
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What can MCTLC do to attract more world language teachers to the Fall Conference?
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Newsletter | MCTLC currently publishes a paper newsletter plus Language Magazine in addition to sharing a digital copy like the example at https://goo.gl/BVYn8n. We currently spend 9% of our budget to print and mail our monthly newsletter. Considering this, would you rather
Do you read the monthly newsletter from MCTLC included as a wrap with the Language Magazine?
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MCTLC Volunteers Are Needed
MCTLC relies exclusively on volunteer teacher power. Please include your name, phone, and email address for future teacher leadership opportunities within MCTLC.
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