Wikipedia California
We are currently assembling a team of knowledgable Native Californian writers and other experts on Native Californian history, anthropology/culture, linguistics and ecology to write Wikipedia articles on

This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity to educate the general public about Native Californian history and culture from a narrative that is more accurate than what we often find in public school textbooks.

There are two ways you can do this:
1. Writing Wikipedia-style articles yourself. If you have no experience in that, it's okay! We have training sessions and materials waiting for you.
2. You can record yourself or another person. These recordings should contain only information that the speakers want to release as public information. Then, one of our writers will transcribe that recording into a Wikipedia-style article and credit the speakers as a source.

This is for WIkipedia Californiana,
Are you Native Californian? If so, which tribe(s) do you represent?
What subjects are you specialized in?
Will you be writing Wikipedia articles or recording yourself to have your information transcribed into Wikipedia articles?
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Do you have experience writing Wikipedia articles?
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Why are you interested in being a part of our team?
Do you have any questions or comments?
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