Pelham First Baptist Volleyball 2021
Registration is now open for the 2021 Volleyball season! We are partnering with Fairview Baptist Church in Greer to host coed play. Registration is open to coed teams composed of males and females ages 16 and older. Six players on the court at one time with three being male and three being female.

Teams will NOT be assigned to individual registrants, you must have your team already formed upon registration. So each person must list all members of their team on their registration.(see registration form for details) Each player must register individually. Teams are comprised of eight players. All players must be registered in and on the roster for season play.

Net height will be men's height.
Please see rules for more information.
Cost per team is $250.00

Each team must all wear matching jerseys with no duplicated numbers on same teams. Cost of jerseys is $25.00

Deadline to pay the $250.00 team entry and the $25.00 per jersey fee is February 21, 2021 .
If you have any questions, please email us at
All checks should be made out to Pelham First Baptist Church and mailed to 2720 Old Highway 14 S. Greer, SC 29650
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Parent/Guardian Name If under age of 18
Cell Phone for Texts *
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Gender *
Registrant's age as of September 1, 2020. *
Do you have a Pelham volleyball jersey that you will use from a previous year? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, what is the number on your jersey?
If you do not have a Pelham jersey, and you need to order a jersey, what size do you need? (Jerseys will be $25.00 in addition to the registration fees. Please note that the adult 2XL sizes will be $26.00.)
Clear selection
What number would you like to request? Please put three numbers in the order of preference.(Please note, we try to accommodate all requests, but as many people already have jerseys, many numbers are already taken, but we do our best to get everyone as close as we can.)
Release: I release Pelham First Baptist Sports Ministry, church, the sports program, church staff, Fairview Sports & coaches there of from any claims that might result from my participation. I understand that by wearing the Pelham First Baptist jersey I am I am consenting to presenting myself on the softball field in a Christlike manner and by registering, I promise to do present myself as such. *
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