Foster and Volunteer Agreement - Administration
I agree that I:

• All contact unless of a sensitive nature, must be done through the Foster Support page. We are moving away from private messaging, calling and texting and towards posting on the Foster Support page for all communications.
• Will keep RDR updated on my foster dog’s progress by providing updates and photos as often as possible. Updates and photos can be posted to the Foster Support page
• Will keep all information discussed or seen on any internal RDR Facebook pages, emails or private messages confidential.
• Any information shared on my private social media pages must first be approved by RDR and will always reference the Rescue. Posts on main RDR page can be shared at will.
• Will not screen-shot any information from RDR internal pages, emails or messaging platforms.
• Will inform RDR of any change to my contact details.
• If you leave the rescue, all uniforms must be returned. If you purchased your RDR clothing, these must not be worn when fundraising (unless for RDR and with permission) or representing another organisation.
• Will allow RDR to home check my new address if moving home and understand that if the new home is not suitable I may have to relinquish care of my foster animal.
Please select yes to confirm you agree with the above
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