Sputnik Grant Application Form  | APR - JUL 2024
Applications close 1st July 2024
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Useful Information & Funding Criteria
Sputnik offers grants up to £500 for artists who are Christians whose projects fall into one of the following categories:

  • Self-initiated projects
  • Community projects
  • Projects for personal artistic development
Funding Criteria
  • Artists who are connected to the Sputnik network (our priority will be on those actively involved in our network, although that does not mean we won’t fund others)
  • Artists who have a track record of self-initiated projects, and who have already shown willingness to put their own time and money into their work.
  • Projects that have the potential to engage with a universal audience (not just Christians)
  • Projects that are not primarily evangelistic or explicitly for ministry purposes

Sputnik aims to work with artists from a variety of backgrounds, culturally and artistically and from different locations (mainly in the UK). We will also take this into account during the application process.

What's in it for Sputnik?

Well, in a sense nothing. We genuinely want to serve artists, and we gather funds for that specific purpose. However, should your application be successful we ask for:

  • Documentation of your project (photos, video footage, downloadable recordings, etc)
  • Permission to share some of this documentation with our patrons and for general Sputnik promotion
  • Two interviews; a written and Zoom interview about yourself and your intended project.
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