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Tech SHRM Membership
We have different membership levels. Please select one and complete your payment below.

If you would like to become a National SHRM member, please pay your dues to National SHRM seperately (see next section). Then proceed to pay us your discounted Tech SHRM dues.

You are not required to become a National SHRM Member.

If you prefer Cash or Check, please select it and you will be contacted by the following Monday.
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National SHRM Membership
If you are interested in becoming a SHRM National member, please visit to become a student member.

Please note that you will pay your National SHRM Member dues ($40-year) directly on their website. Please pay your discounted Tech SHRM Dues ($30 year or $15 semester) directly to our organization.

**National SHRM Membership is not required for Tech SHRM membership.**
Now that you are a National SHRM member, please include your membership ID. Type N/A if you do not want to become a National SHRM Member. *
Site Member
By becoming a site member you will receive the latest information and we use our website to send emails to our members. Please visit our website, and select login/sign up to become a site member.
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