Praxis Groups - Climate Disobedience Community

We are so glad that you are at least *thinking* about a climate disobedience praxis group. If you're seeing this form we presume that you have seen the invitation, which can be read here:

There is no expectation for your answers to be a particular length, or that there are any "right" answers. Be yourself, and allow this to be an opportunity to share a bit of your journey.

We'll be following up with you to find a time for a one on one phone call as a next step. In the meantime if you have any questions, please email 

Looking forward,
Tim, Marla, Jay, and Emma
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Why do you want a praxis group? From the philosophical to the practical, we want to hear it all...
What struck you in reading the invitation? What burning questions does it bring up for you?
What is your current connection to or engagement in the climate movement (if any)?
What unique perspective or experience do you see yourself bringing to this group?
In the invitation we spell out that this is an experiment, and an opportunity for our movement to learn. How do you feel about engaging in this as an experiment?
Do you have any questions you're carrying with you or anything else you’d like to share?
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