LOLS @ LAZY'S Expression of Interest
Welcome to the Lazy Susan's Comedy Den Expression of Interest (EOI) form for our 2020 LOLS @ LAZY'S Fringe World season.

As Perth's dedicated home of comedy, we're looking to program all things laugh-inducing, whether that's stand-up, improvised comedy, sketch, comedic theatre/cabaret shows or anything else Fringe-y and funny you can think of.

We'd like to know more about your show and requirements so we can ensure we're a match made in heaven.

If all goes well we'll be the ones with the rose in our lapel, you'll be the one with the beaming smile and a sea of giggling Fringe-goers in your audience.

Here are some things that are good to know before you fill in this form:

94 people (strictly 18+ only)

Theatre style (rows facing our stage)

> 7:00pm Mon–Sun
> 8:30pm Mon, Wed–Fri & Sun
> 9:45pm Wed–Fri
> 5:30pm Fri–Sun
> 2:30pm & 4:00pm special weekend matinees
> Other times may also be available

50 mins max (45 mins min)

Stereo sound system with a mixing desk at the back corner of the space (including God mic and amp) and power driving to two house speakers located above the stage on either side.

Four-channel lighting desk with white spotlight, stage flood (whole stage lit), orange wash and blue wash.


Think we might be the ones for you? Go forth and answer some questions!

What's your legal name? *
This is the name that's on your passport, driver's license and so on. We won't tell anyone your secret identity, we swear.
Your answer
What's your stage name? *
You only need to provide this if it's different to your legal name. If you don't have one, please put 'N/A'.
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What's your email address? *
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What's your contact phone number? *
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What's the name of your act and/or show? *
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What type of show is it? *
Please provide a brief description of your show. *
Paint us a picture with your words. Why should we be hungry to program your show?
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Where are you and your show from? *
Please be as specific as possible (i.e. town/city + state if not WA + country if not Australia).
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What dates are you available during Fringe World? *
Please include _all_ of the dates you're available. You'll have a chance to tell us your preferred dates in the next question.
What are your preferred dates for your show? *
We'll accommodate your date preferences where possible. Please ensure you've provided your full availability in the previous question though.
What are your specific tech and staging requirements? *
Your answer
If you have any reviews or videos of your act, please provide links to them here. *
It doesn't have to only be the show you're applying to Lazy's for. You can provide links for previous shows too, if applicable. We just want to get to know you!
Your answer
If you have a website and/or Facebook page, please provide links here. *
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What's your previous experience with Fringe World and your act/show? *
What's your role in relation to the show you're applying for? *
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Who else is involved in your show? Please list all of the roles. *
i.e. cast members, production staff and so on
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Is there anything else you think we should know? *
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What song best describes your personality and why?
This doesn't affect your EOI. Lazy Susan is just a curious creature who likes to be amused ;)
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