Community Needs Survey
This survey was developed by the Jr/Sr High School Academic Committee. Some questions were taken from a survey created by Panorama Education.

Please help us better support you and other families by answering these questions. Your answers will be completely anonymous, unless you choose to include your contact information at the end of the survey. If you prefer not to answer any question, you can skip it. As you answer these questions, please think about your family’s situation right now.
What best describes your family’s food situation?
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How concerned are you about your child's/children's social or emotional well-being?
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How concerned are you about child care when you return to the workplace?
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How concerned are you about your child's/children’s learning while school is closed?
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How much of the day is/are your child/children participating in learning activities from their school? For example - reading, completing assignments, participating in Zooms, physical activity, etc)
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Does your child have reliable access to a tablet, laptop, computer, or smartphone?
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Is the school-issued device meeting your educational needs?
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If you chose no for the previous question, please explain how your educational needs are not being met.
What best describes your child's/children's typical internet access?
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What is the best way for us to share information with you? Check all that apply.
How useful have the following programs been during this remote learning time.
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Somewhat Useful
Not Very Useful
Not Used
Google Classroom
Khan Academy
Castle Learning
Storyline Online
Quizlet Live
Library Databases
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How can we better support your family while school is closed? Please include your contact information if you would like someone to follow up with you to address your concerns.
Community Resources
We are developing a list of Community Resources to assist families. If you would like to receive a copy by email, please include your email address below.
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