2021 WICT Leadership Conference: New England Scholarship Application
WICT’s Leadership Conference is the premier leadership development program for its members and other industry stakeholders. Attendees will learn from today’s key thought-leaders on how businesses can thrive in challenging times while discovering the trends that affect and influence their professional successes. This top-rated conference gathers all levels of industry professionals who are looking to make a greater impact on their department, division, company, and career. https://www.wict.org/programs/wict-leadership-conference/

This year's conference will be held virtually again this year, on October 4th-5th. This form is an application to be considered for a seat to the conference, paid in full by WICT New England.

Three recipients of the Leadership Conference Scholarships will be selected based on the applicant's ability to most effectively demonstrate the value of the contributions they have made to WICT and the industry as a whole.

• Applicants must be current members of WICT New England
• Applicants must be working within the telecommunications industry at the time of application
• Applicants must be committed to advancing their leadership skills

Deadline for receipt of all applications is August 27th
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Describe how attending the WICT Leadership Conference will help you in your career in the industry. *
Which WICT events have you attended, either nationally or a local chapter?
Which of the WICT Touchstones resonate most with you and why? https://www.wict.org/about/touchstones/ *
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