BMS End of year Project
How can you connect the dots?
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If you are doing the "Connect the Dots",  please answer the following questions:
What three topics are you using? What is the theme you are using?  How does it relate to today?  
If you are doing the online book project, "Leaving a Legacy", please answer the following:
What topic are you going to add to the book?  What do you need to learn?  Do you need a new page created?
"Creating a Legacy"--Google Days, please answer the following questions.
What are your topics? What is your plan?  What are you going to create in?  
If you are doing "seeing the world with new eyes" answer the questions below.
What are ideas you need to build into your project?  What is the final project?  What do you hope others will learn from you?
Any other questions?  
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