Itchen Spitfires Running and Triathlon Club Member’s Code of Conduct & Disclaimer
As a club, our members come together to participate and enjoy common interests. The member’s code of conduct acts as a reminder of the standards of behaviour which we can all expect to share. Members are expected to recognise that the organised activities of the club depend on the time and efforts of many volunteers who give a significant amount of their time for the benefit of the club and its members.

Within the context of the club, members or a person acting on behalf of the club are expected to:
-Behave with respect to other members of the club and members of the public.
-Take responsibility for their own safety and not compromise the safety of others.
-Behave in accordance with the Welfare Policy of the Club.
-Respect and comply with the rules and regulations of competitions that they may participate in or assist with as an official.
-Not publish defamatory material* or behave in a manner that may bring the club into disrepute.
-Follow the complaints procedure if at any time they have cause for concern for the welfare, safety or behaviour of others.

*Material is defamatory if it falsely makes a statement or claim that gives a negative or inferior view. The material is published when it is communicated to someone other than the person described. This can be done in several different ways; for example, a member might loudly accuse another of something in a public place where others are present, or make statements in a newsletter or an online bulletin board.

For the safety and continued enjoyment of club members, Itchen Spitfires Running and Triathlon Clubs have a code of conduct that we expect members to follow and must be signed by every member (affiliated or non-affiliated).
--Comments made verbally, on our social media pages – including, but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or our website should not be abusive, offensive or derogatory. If they are, the moderators reserve the right to delete these types of postings and remove the author. The Club recognises that many members make use of social media in a personal capacity. While they are not acting on behalf of the Itchen Spitfires Running or Triathlon Club, members must be aware that they could risk damaging our reputation if their comments are not appropriate. All members are therefore requested to ensure that they continue to recognise and respect this.
--Avoid abusive language and irresponsible behaviour including behaviour that is dangerous to yourself and others, acts of violence, bullying, harassment, and physical and sexual abuse.
--All members must be over 18.
--Junior participants do not count as members but the junior and parent guidelines must be read and agreed to before any sessions are attended and must be followed at all times (See junior disclaimer and guidelines for more detail)
--On training nights, members should respect the Run Leaders and refrain from talking when session briefings are being made.
--On all training nights when dark, it is recommended that members wear fluorescent vests or other suitable clothing and lights to ensure they can be clearly seen.
--Members must wear appropriate, non-offensive clothing at all times when participating in club sessions or representing the club at races
--On training nights and when competing in races for the club, members must not wear headphones, for safety reasons and communication from volunteers and officials. All members will follow the Highway Code while training and not take unnecessary risks with traffic.
--It is heavily encouraged that all members volunteer at the RR10 and CC6 League host races. This is not expected if you wish to run in the leagues but it is essential we have enough volunteers to make the events happen in a safe way.
--Inform your session/run leader if you have any injury, illness or long term medical condition that may affect your running
--Do not run at club sessions or when representing the club when ill, injured or if for any reason it has been recommended not to by any medical professional.
--Inform your run leader of any medication you may need to carry with you during a club run (e.g. inhaler, epi-pen)
--We recommend that you carry In Case of Emergency (ICE) details on your person
--Be honest about your ability. If the group that you are in is too fast or too slow then consider changing groups at the next session. Take note of any recommendations given to you by coaches or run leaders about which group is most appropriate for you
--Listen to the run leaders and coaches and respect what they have to say; they have the best interests of the group in mind and are volunteers
--Do not run too far off the front of a group and always loop back at regular intervals or when requested to by the group leader
--Respect pedestrians and other path/road users. Give way to others when necessary
--Warn other participants around you of impending hazards, pedestrians, dustbins, low hanging branches etc.
--Look after the other participants within your training group, if someone is struggling make sure that they are not left on their own or inform your run leader
--We recommend that you do not leave the session early. If it is necessary to leave early then inform the run leader
--Dogs and buggies are not permitted at club training sessions for safety reasons

Social networking is the process of interacting with other internet users in a communal online space. It can be engaging and provides information and advice about the club, training, and helps the club to grow. However, we ask that members are aware that social networking sites and weblogs are in the public domain and one has little or no control over who has access to the information. Therefore, we ask all members to follow the rules below in the use of social media:

In using social media, if a member identifies themselves as a member of Itchen Spitfires Running or Triathlon Club, we ask that you are respectful when talking about the club and its members.

Club members should be conscious at all times that anything posted on, or uploaded to the Clubs page may well be seen by non-members of the club. As such, it reflects and represents the Club. Members should be careful about content that is uploaded to Facebook and other Social Media sites and be careful of the language and tone used. Members should not be rude or offensive and we ask members to try and respect the public reputation of the Club and the privacy of some of its members when using Social Media sites.
As a club affiliated to the National Governing Body, English Athletics, we (the Club, the Officers and members) have duties to protect the club, our members and the sport. To comply with these duties, we ask members:
--Do not post anything in breach of the general code of conduct.
--Do not post any confidential information, this includes: club's member, finances and any internal discussions that involve specific members.
--Not to upload or post anything that could be considered offensive, abusive, discriminatory or defamatory.
--Not to upload/post anything that could be interpreted as harassing a person receiving the post - including images, messages, etc.
--Not to post/upload any material which is sexually explicit or pornographic.
--Not to post/upload any material which is sexist, racist, homophobic or xenophobic.
--Any copyrighted material, including software and printed material in violation of copyright laws.
--Any material that could be considered a chain letter or email.
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