Sign up for the GEO All Day All Nighgoogt Tutor-in
This is our final big work action for this year. Join us as we work together in solidarity all day and all night to protest for a fair contract, and offer free tutoring to our students!

We have planned a **full day work-in/tutor-in on Reading Day, Thursday, December 14 at the Illini Union starting at 12 pm**. Come work in solidarity with your fellow graduate employees, hold office hours, offer tutoring, whatever you'd like! Please come whenever possible between 12 pm and 11 pm, but we ask that you prioritize the hours around 12 pm and 5 pm. Coffee and snacks will be provided 5 pm and 11 pm, and dinner at 8 pm. Childcare will be provided.

***Most importantly, at 11 pm, the GEO will begin its overnight tutor-in!***
We want as many graduate employees as possible to show up at 11 pm and stay until after the Illini Union closes at midnight. We will stay in the Illini Union until 8 am the next morning, and be available for free tutoring to our undergrad students all night. We did this in 2012 and the administration allowed us to stay overnight, so we expect this to go the same way. If we are asked to leave, we will leave and ask our students to leave as well.

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