COVID-19 Response from Berkeley Scientists
Science at Cal needs your help!

Science at Cal organizes opportunities for UC Berkeley scientists to share science learning and engagement with diverse communities. We are working on a number of different ideas for ways to engage UC Berkeley scientists around COVID-19 outreach efforts.

We are looking for UC Berkeley scientists and researchers to participate in our efforts. Right now, we are recruiting UC Berkeley scientists for three efforts:

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1. Ask a Berkeley Scientist
We would like to solicit UC Berkeley scientists to be part of a COVID-19 communication team from various departments. This wouldn’t be a large commitment for the scientists, just a request to answer a few questions if they come up in their field of study. Essentially, we’d ask the public for their questions throughout the next few weeks or months, and ask one of our “on call” scientists to help answer them.
1. Would you be willing to be join our "Ask A Berkeley Scientist" team?
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2. Short Animated Explainer videos about COVID-19 and related science:
Explainer videos about COVID-19 and related science:
We would help the scientists write a short 1-2 min script and ask for powerpoint slides on relevant content. Our video production team would use the powerpoint to create animations to go along with the scientists reading their script. The scientist would not need to be seen on camera.
2. Would you be interested in helping us create explainer videos around topics related to COVID-19?
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3. Interviews with scientists whose work relates to COVID-19
We are looking for scientists to interview using zoom. We would pre-formulate the questions so the scientist feels prepared to answer a few basic questions in their field of study. The videos would be casual and conversational.
3. Would you be interested in participating in interviews (using predetermined questions) around topics in your field of study related to virus science?
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Please explain your area of expertise and what topics you feel comfortable tackling as they specifically relate to COVID-19 (for example, if we were to create an explainer video using your expertise, what topic would it be on?). *
Anything else you'd like to share with us?
If you have questions, please contact Dione (Dee) Rossiter, Executive Director of Science at Cal at
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