AfroCon Exhibitor/Vendor Form
AfroCon 2020 is Virtual!

You want to be an exhibitor at AfroCon 2020 on October 10, 2020? That's awesome! We'd love to have you! Please provide some information and we will contact you with more information.

Virtual Vendor Booths in the Expo Area, vary in size (small, medium, large). The size of the booth dictates size and placement on the event page and the visual size of virtual booth. A larger booth, has a larger screen and visual space and is closer to the top of the event page.

Booth Sizes:
$25 for small booths for artists, individuals, etc.
$50 for medium booths for artists, individuals, etc.
$100 for large booth for Institution, NonProfits or Businesses

A link for payment through Hopin (virtual conference platform) will be emailed once you complete your form. All vendor fees are due by September 1, 2020.

All vendors are asked to provide links to where your work can be purchased, 2-3 images for advertisement via the AfroCon website, social media and our Hopin, the virtual platform. Also send links for videos, up to 5 minutes in length for promotion in the virtual booth on the day of the event.

Booth Schedule:
9am-11:45am - provide a video for participants that come to your booth
12:00-2:30pm - Be available in your booth
2:45-4:00pm+ - provide a video for participants that come to your booth

You can be in your booth for the entire event, but ESPECIALLY FROM 12-2:30PM! Your booth, is like your own personal Zoom room that people will be coming in to visit and find out information or purchase your goods.

~all contact information
~name of your business/organization
~vendor email address
~25-100 words describing your business or organization
~Video Provider (optional) - Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia
~website link to your online store
~{optional) Twitter link
~(optional) offer/discount/promotion code, etc.

Due by September 1:
~up to 2-3 jpeg or png file images
~vendor logo
~Link to 2-5 minute promotional video


Event Date: October 10, 2020
Event Address: Virtual Event via Hopin
Contact us at 402.834.1119 or
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