Titan Node - Start Up Grant
Complete the following steps below and earn a temporary stake to jump start your Orchestrator node.

The goal of this program is to promote node branding, Livepeer leadership and spotlight high performing Orchestrators.

Staking will last 60 days and will help drive transcoding traffic to your node while giving your node a jump start in gathering new delegators.

The amount staked is currently between 4k to 10k LPT.

The reward cut of the Orchestrator must be set to less than 5% during the duration of the grant and the Orchestrator must call reward every round.

All steps must be completed and will be subject to review.

*This program is brand new and should be considered in beta mode. Expect frequent changes and updates.
Provide feedback in Discord or email Hello@Titan-Node.com

You can view the status of your application here:


Thank you
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1. Make A Website
Make a website to spotlight your node and provide information about your situation.
This is for branding and information purposes.
Pro Tip: Most successful node operators in POS systems have unique pitches, such as Green Energy, Charity, Advanced Tech, or some other factor that differentiates themselves. Try add flavor to your branding to spotlight your uniqueness.
Link To Your Website *
2. Create A Introductory Post On The Livepeer Forum
Create an account on https://forum.livepeer.org/ and create a post under "Transcoders".
Use this platform to give a personal or professional introduction to your Orchestrator and create a dialog to communicate with potential delegators.
Link To Your Forum Post *
3. Create A Social Media Profile
Create a social media profile on your favorite platform and start sharing your thoughts and updates about your node.
ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
Link To Social Media Profile *
4. Join Discord And Telegram
Join the Livepeer Discord and Telegram channels and introduce yourself.
Discord Message Link *
Telegram Message Link *
5. Get A Total Transcoding Score above 6.3
Run your Orchestrator and earn a total score above 6.3 (this is considered real-time) in any region.
Scores can be found here:
Region Of Score *
Name Of Orchestrator Above 6.3 *
6. Complete A Livepeer Explorer Profile
Within the Livepeer Explorer (https://explorer.livepeer.org/), import your node's address into Metamask and complete your Livepeer profile.
Must include a name, description, link and profile picture.
Link To Livepeer Profile *
7. Join Livepeer Github
Join the Livepeer Github and write a post.
This is where you can propose improvements, report bugs, and have discussions about specific upgrades to the Livepeer protocol.
If you are new to Github - Post here:

Link To Github Post *
8. Help Someone Else
Provide a link to a situation where you helped someone within or outside the Livepeer community with a problem or question related to Livepeer.

This can be through any platform.
Link To Helping A Fellow Human *
Orchestrator Information
Please fill in the information below so we can contact you if we need additional information.
Orchestrator Address (ETH addr) *
Email *
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