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Key Aspects To Having A Successful Coffee Connection
1. Did you read the "Purpose" ~ "How" ~ "Networking vs. Mastermind?" * ~ "Yes, do this every week even if everyone's heard it before. Very important for everyone to be reminded of our purpose and how we are different than any other group out there. Help people to connect this into their own personal Wii-FM. (Wii-FM ~
2. Did everyone watch a 1 minute MVP video and discuss for a few minutes how to LEVERAGE the video to achieve one's Wii-FM? * ~ 1 minute MVP videos are designed to cause people to take action and Think Differently Quickly. (TDQ) When people do that, it brings value to them and everyone around us as well. :-)
3. For any new team members did you have them complete "The Action Card?" *
Ideal to have printed out Action Cards and have them fill it out (make sure you can read everything) :-) and then take a photo and forward photos to 630-649-4059 and 815-440-7998. Business Action Card ~ FULL Action Card Library ~
4. Did you get everyone's commitment to call 1 person after Coffee Connection to invite next week and then call 1 person before next weeks meeting to invite? *
Do not be a leader where you do all the work. This is not healthy for you, the group or others. EVERYONE should be calling 1 person before and 1 person after. It helps them build their network, skills, disciplines and helps them to buy in.
5. Which group do you participate in? *
Please type city and state of your Coffee Connection and name of HOST.
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