Hempy for Governor - Survey

The latest Gallup poll on the public's trust in government reported 60% of voters think a third major party is needed to produce a better functioning government. Are you one of them?

I'm running for Governor for the People of Colorado because two parties are not enough. I want to objectively assess the level of support for my candidacy, so please respond thoughtfully.

My plan for an Equal Opportunity Election System is on my website at http://www.Hempy4Governor.org

I will also campaign on these issues:
Renewable Energy - level the playing field for renewable energy by ending state tax subsidies for fossil fuel development, costing CO taxpayers $2B per year.
Community Rights - support a citizen's initiative to put people and the planet ahead of profits.
Income Inequality - raise the CO minimum wage and allow municipalities to set a minimum wage above the CO minimum wage.
Universal Health Care - support formation of a Colorado Health Care Cooperative.
CO Finance - create a state-owned bank that will invest in Colorado.

Please join the Hempy4Governor campaign. Together we can get a message out to Colorado voters.

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