Tournament Registration
Entry Fee $1100 for Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Midget REP Tournament /
Entry Fee $1000 for Bobby Orr Hall of Fame REP Tournaments /
Entry Fee $850 for Parry Sound Local League Tournaments, Bob Beaumont & The Shamrock Challenge

Sanction ID: 9204 - Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Atom Rep tournament
Sanction ID: 9205 - Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Peewee-Bantam Rep Tournament
Sanction ID: 9206 - Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Midget Rep Tournament
Sanction ID: 9207 - Bob Beaumont Atom Peewee Local League Tournament
Sanction ID: 9209 - Shamrock Challenge Bantam Midget Local League Tournament

Please e-Transfer to
mail the entry fee ASAP to:

Parry Sound Hockey Club
Attn: BOHF Tournament (your division)
PO Box 13 Parry Sound ON
P2A 2X2

Teams will be accepted on a first come-first serve basis. The tournament committee reserves the right to determine an applicant’s eligibility based on the team centre's classification. As Entry Forms are submitted they will be placed in order of their arrival. The entry fee (payable in full-no post dated cheques) must be included and will guarantee your place if accepted.
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