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This year’s AIN Global Conference is our 23rd annual conference, and AIN's first virtual conference.

Oct 16-Oct 24
The conference will take full advantage of the virtual opportunities. Expect many of your favorite events:
- Learning Journeys
- AINxTalks
- Workshops
- Plenary sessions
- Networking
- Social Events
- Game Swaps and
- Open Space

But this year we will also:
- Run on a 24-hour cycle to maximize access and inclusivity
- Offer asynchronous workshops (think about what you might want to propose as a session that can be experienced as a self-paced program)
- Record sessions for later playback (minimized FOMO!)
- Extend the conference timeframe (less stress, more value!)

This format will allow us maximal flexibility, so use your imagination and delight yourself as you submit your proposals.

Due Date: 31 August 2021
Notification Date: 31 August 2021
Reasons to Be Excited About the Upcoming AIN Global Conference!
- Inclusive: Programming across time-zones in multiple languages, and accessible to diverse audiences
- Financial: We don’t have to pay for travel or accommodations!
- Less FOMO because we will have live as well as recorded content!
- Bonus: We short folks will be able to see and be seen!
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