DTU Volley League Try-out Wednesday (02/09/2020)
Fill out this formular in order to secure a spot for the Wednesday League Team Try-outs

You can try out for the following teams:

- DTU Mix 1 (Mix 1):

- DTU Mix 2 (Mix 1):

- DTU Women's Team (2nd division)

- DTU Men's Team (1st division)

You will meet the trainers and get additional information about the club, our trainings, tournaments and social events. The teams will then be filled based on your skills and the required positions.

Day: Wednesday 02/09/2020
Time: 20:00 (Please be there on time)
Location: DTU Hall 2 - Building 101

In case of any questions, please write an email to players@dtu-volley.dk or send us a message on Facebook.

Additional info:
- Sport clothing including indoor sport shoes are required
- Only people who have signed up in this formula will participate in the trainings
- Please only sign up for one of the two trainings
- It is required to sign up for the open trainings in order to become a member of a DTU Volley team

- If you have any symptoms of sickness, please do not show up for the trainings.
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