VeChain Developer Academy Bounty
Thank you for participating in the VeChain developer bounties!

Now that you have the experience with application development on the VeChainThor blockchain, we would like to sincerely invite community developers to help us create and optimize the developer documents, tool sets, and scripts related to your applications and the VeChainThor public blockchain. We see your collaboration as a way to share resources and ideas, and to achieve the developer-friendly ecosystem necessary for a widely used public blockchain.

If you have something, including but not limited to: technical tutorials, technical description documents, self-developed tool/scripts and others, created during the development of application, that you think would be helpful to other community developers please submit through this form.

Based on the quality of the submission, the Foundation Assessment Team will determine acceptance and grant at least 25,000 VET per successful submission. For similar submissions, we will reward those based on their added effort as deemed by the Foundation Assessment Team. Additive improvement submissions to content publicly visible as a result of the Developer Academy Bounty submission can also be submitted to receive a reward as deemed fit by the Foundation Assessment team, such as grammar fixes and general updates. Successful submissions may be incorporated into the upcoming developer portal.

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