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Client Intake for Fashion and Product Projects
Greetings. If you've made it this far you have seen my portfolio, and hopefully read through my Workflow Process page. If you have not read that page, you really should start there, as it goes over a lot of information we need to cover. This form represents the next step in a complex process, and no two jobs are alike, or can be quoted alike. I do not charge by the hour, and need to cover and collect a lot of information to get started. The time we spend on this process will ensure a smooth operation.

FORM TESTING - If you have previously filled out my forms, you will notice that I have switched to Google Forms. The old form was prettier and more "elegant" looking, but frankly lacked a lot of features I needed especially the ability to break the form into sections. I am still testing this form. If there are text errors or logic errors, please let me know. Some text may still refer to the way the old form worked.

Uryaen Productions uses all state of the art processes, including payment. Everything from this form to the contract to the payments to final delivery are 100% online, digital, and Green.

The following form is used for all forms of photography I offer including Product, which includes Jewelry and Food, all forms of Fashion including model tests and Architectural, which includes sculptural and landscape and Real Estate.

All prospects need to fill out the ABOUT YOU section of the form, then click "yes" to the sections below this that apply to your project type. These are PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY, and ARCHITECTURAL/REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Once you have finished with your applicable section, go down to PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE AND PROJECT REQUIREMENTS and continue the form to the end.

Please fill out the entire form, with all of the details requested. If I get a form that only has bare contact info and very little else filled out, I do not respond to those. I also do not respond to "just give me your rate", as such a question cannot be answered without this form. It is disrespectful and rude, and demonstrates a lack of understanding of how professional photography works. There's no such thing as a flat rate, especially for product.

Previously, I maintained separate forms for each type of project, but this was too unwieldy, and required some clients to fill out more than one form, or my gathering information for parts of the project manually. It is more efficient and sensible to use one form. This means that a lot of this form won't apply to you, unless your project is a fusion of several types. Please fill out the sections that apply to your needs, and we shall go from there.

Form Mobile Access

Although this form is responsive, and fully mobile compliant, it is highly recommended that you access this form on a real computer, and not your phone. Going through the form will take a lot longer on mobile, and you won't be able to easily upload the images and other information I require, nor easily access the other pages of my site I link to as we go along. Mobile smart phones are great, I always have the latest Galaxys myself, but they nowhere NEAR the power of a proper desktop computer nor a proper replacement workflow. I do not offer support or troubleshooting for using this form on mobile. I will ask that you use a computer.

What is your rate?

I get questions like this all the time: "What is your rate for XXXX type of photography?"

I want to be fair, but also clear about this. There are myriad reasons why this question cannot be answered so simply and that doing so would be a disservice to you as the client. No modern professional photographer still works by the hour or by flat rates. Pricing is usage based, with expenses and level of production as variables. There is no possible way to determine a flat rate for all types of projects, and I need a lot of information, yes even your budget, to determine what is possible.

There is a transitional debate going on in the industry. Charging a day rate is considered archaic and we're trying to get people to switch to the more modern "combined creative and usage fee" but even though this fee structure is technically simpler, it still confuses people when trying to compare to photographers still using day or hourly rates. So for now, I will work with EITHER a CCUF OR a day rate plus licensing fees. Ultimately it's the same dollars, just divided into two line items in the quote instead of one.

If you feel more comfortable with it, I will quote a day rate ( I do not offer half day rates ) plus usage for images. This is not a problem, but it's not the most efficient and modern way to go about it.

For the vast majority of editorial projects, the day rate is about 500-700 with 90 day exclusive usage for all images captured, plus applicable expenses.

For all advertising projects, the rate is a day rate ( negotiable but count on and average of 2500-5000 depending on whether the project is executed here or is travel ) plus usage for certain images for a set duration in years and regions, etc. plus all expenses. This form goes over everything.

I do offer some special rates for VERY small business, and the form will ask you about this as well.

I need to know the answer to DOZENS of questions, and usually a about a dozen more once I have those. How can I send a quote when I know nothing about your project requirements or ultimate usage? This is a pretty involved process. There is no such thing as a flat rate in professional product photography. Taking a picture of a drawer pull on a middle grey seamless background with minimal post processing vs. photographing an Aventador with a celebrity driver on location in Dubai are galaxies apart in requirements and costs. But since I know nothing about your actual requirements, I can't possibly give you any indication of what it will cost. Can you see the dilemma? I can knock out the former for a few hundred dollars maybe, but can you imagine if a client wanted to book the latter for that? There's no way. A shoot like that is a minimum 100k, or more, depending. So yes, your budget partly determines what is possible.

I have a PDF I can email you that lists the actual Combined Creative and Usage STARTING fees for all types of photography I cover, but it won't tell you the whole story, so we use this form to gather the required information, and avoid frustrating misunderstandings later. I have a seperate form for small business so as not to confuse the issue.

A simple answer is that a flat rate is not doing you any favors, as you cannot compare two creative providers on a dollar to dollar ratio, and even if you could, levels of production, available crew, talent, materials, etc. are all variable from one provider to another, one day to another. My pricing for a particular usage is set is stone, and that's listed in the PDF, but how it is applied requires research and the information gathered from this very form, so let's get started!

Why Uryaen Productions? Why use my Process?

For a detailed account of my process and the difference it makes, please see the workflow process page and scroll down to "WHY Uryaen Productions? WHY USE MY PROCESS?"

I have experienced a long string of deadbeat prospects this year, and have wasted hundreds of hours of time, that I could have spent doing something productive. Due to this, I'm again tightening restrictions on all projects. I'm going to say this upfront. If you only care about finding the cheapest provider, and not quality and reliability at a fair price, you are in the wrong place. This is a visual age. High quality images will make or break you, end of story. If you are offended by the very thought of it, you're definitely in the wrong place. For everyone else, let's get started.

Client Info
We need to know a few things about you in order to begin the process to crafting a quote. The information you submit is covered under our strict privacy policy.
Name *
email address *
Company Name
Your Company or product url:address
Phone Number
Are you a sole proprietorship or similar size startup with no sales, and need images to get started?
If so you will qualify for a much lower rate, but I WILL verify this and require some proof. For example if you have an established site that sells product worldwide, and it's clear that you have many customers interacting with your business on social media, you're not going to qualify. If you have almost no sales, and no site ( I can help you with that part also ) you might, but it will be my determination, and attempts to game this system will result in nullification of your contract and DMCA takedowns of all images, and fines up to $150,000 PER IMAGE for such abuses. So it's best to be honest about this upfront.
About your Request
Project Type

Before we get further in, I need to point out that the following sections are for different project types, and may not apply to your needs.

If you need product photography, start right below.

If you need fashion photography, see "FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY" below.

If you need something from more than one project type, fill out each relevant section.

When you are done with the above, or need to skip sections, the next section after project type is "PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE AND PROJECT REQUIREMENTS" and continue from there.

Why one form for all?

I find that in the vast majority of cases, clients requiring one or another of these genres require more than one of them in the end, and instead of making clients fill out two or three similar forms, I have combined them.


A common combination of project types is Product and Fashion, due to having products being shown with models. This requires workflow and assistants from both discipline types.

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