Emerging Challenges and Opportunities Survey
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences during these times of uncertainty and change. I’d like to hear about the impact of the last few months, and the anticipated future, on your life, work, health, family, relationships, environment, etc.

Your sharing will help me to get a better understanding of how I can best help as a coach and to develop offerings based on what is really going on for people right now.

All individual responses will be strictly confidential and not associated with your email address should you chose to provide it.

The survey will take less than 10 minutes.

Take care,

Kara Diane Coaching & Consulting
As compared to last year or early in 2020, my life in general is: *
What are the greatest challenges you feel, in both day-to-day and in a longer-term sense (choose any/all that apply). This is a long list, be kind to yourself and skip it entirely if you need to (or just pick the ones that really resonate deeply); you’ll have a chance to answer a specific question about your one biggest challenge further along! *
Have the specific challenges that you noted above increased or decreased in intensity since before the pandemic? Add comments under other if needed. *
What has been your greatest single source of concern over the last nine months, and how effectively have you been able to address that concern? *
Do you have support for the challenges noted previously? What would support look like for you? *
What opportunities and possibilities do you see from the various changes and awakenings that have occurred in the world in the last nine months or so? *
What excites you about the future, either yours personally, or our collective future? *
What new skills/tools do you feel like would be useful for navigating an emerging and uncertain future? *
What do you do for your own self-care (check all that apply)? *
What type of offerings, if any, are most interesting to you (select all that apply)? *
What could I or someone else do to best help and support you now?
Would you like to schedule 30 minutes to talk about any areas of concern you may have, or to help me better understand your responses? If so, please include your name and email below and I will be in touch.
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