Carpentries Mentoring Groups: Post-Survey
Thank you for participating in a Carpentries Mentoring Group. We are very interested in getting your feedback to improve future mentoring opportunities. Please help us improve by filling out this survey. Questions specific to mentors or mentees only are marked, all other questions are meant to be answered by all participants.
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Are you a mentor or mentee? *
What types of support did your mentoring group provide? Check all that apply.
What were the most positive aspects of being in a Mentoring group?
What were the challenges of being in a Mentoring group?
How can we improve the Mentoring groups?
What else would you like us to know about your experience?
If you would like to continue to be part of a Mentoring group (either as a Mentor or Mentee), please enter your email address below.
(Mentors only) How many of the Mentees in your group taught or organized a Carpentries workshop during the mentoring period?
(Mentees only) Did you set specific goals to accomplish during the mentoring period?
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(Mentees only) Please describe the goals you set for yourself, if applicable.
(Mentees only) If you set specific goals, were you able to accomplish them? Please describe.
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