Application for Onsite Perspectives: Education Abroad Management in France
Application form/student interest in Team France - January 2018.
Due Sunday, September 17th, 2017
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Proficiency in French required. Language level will help to determine groups for projects and lectures.
Current French Coursework at MIIS
Please indicate the French course or courses you are currently taking at MIIS if applicable.
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What are your 2 main learning objectives for this course? *
Describe in two to three paragraphs two things that you would like to know, be able to do, or take away from your participation on this program.
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Describe in two to three paragraphs your current career goals and how this program will support your work toward those goals.
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Please provide details on when, where, and why you were in France previously.
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(Optional) What else would you like for me to know as I consider your application?
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(Optional) What questions or concerns do you have about preparation for and participation in this program?
I welcome questions about how aspects of your identity may influence your experience preparing for and participating in this program. Your questions may include inquiries about race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality ability, religion or spirituality and others. These questions and conversations will be kept confidential and will be stored separately from the application and selection process. If you prefer not to write these you are welcome to access my MIIS calendar to schedule a meeting, to drop in during my office hours, or to send me an email message
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