STRSSA Conference Reimbursement Submission
Please only use this form after you have been approved for STRSSA conference funding. You will have to login to Google using your CUA e-mail to complete this form (specifically to attach files)
First Name *
Last Name *
CUA E-mail *
Title of Conference *
Ending Date of Conference *
Role at Conference *
Total Conference Expenses *
This includes expenses whether you are anticipating them being reimbursed or not.
Reimbursement from GSA *
For this conference only
Amount Being Submitted to STRSSA for Reimbursement *
This cannot exceed the amount that has been promised to you by STRSSA
Travel Expense Report (TER) *
If you need to download the TER, it's available at this address (scroll down a bit to find it): (You may have to copy and paste the address into your browswer)
Proof of Presentation/ Attendance *
Expense Receipts *
If you're receiving reimbursement from GSA as well, please include all receipts relevant to both GSA and STRSSA reimbursements.
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