GTE Fellows 2019-20 Application
The Longview Foundation is seeking applications for our GTE Fellows Program. The program is a year-long virtual professional development program for university based teacher educators seeking to develop in themselves the capacity to create Global Learning Classrooms in an initial teacher preparation program in the U. S. Global Learning Classrooms aim to develop global and cultural competence while empowering teachers and learners to become critically conscious global actors. Today’s PK-12 students are the most diverse, connected, and mobile students in history, living in a world that is globally interdependent, a world in which global competence is necessary to succeed in work and life. We need teachers prepared for these students.

During the yearlong program, Fellows internationalize a course in an initial teacher preparation program to include global learning outcomes, assessments, pedagogy, and technology that foster global competence.

Virtual support includes:
• Mentoring by a senior faculty with expertise in global teacher education;
• Webinars conducted by leaders in the field of global competence.
In addition, the Fellows become part of and contribute to a larger community of global learning scholars from across the United States.

The 2018-19 cohort includes seven Fellows, selected through a national competition, who represent diverse campuses and disciplines. More information about the current class of fellows is available at

Longview is seeking applicants for the 2019-20 GTE Fellows Program who are:
• Committed to global learning;
• Engaged with a full time teaching load during the academic year which includes at least two teacher education courses in an initial teacher preparation program;
• Supported by the respective Dean/Department Chair to revise and teach one undergraduate or graduate teacher education course to incorporate global learning outcomes and accompanying activities, technology, resources and assessments during fall 2019 or spring 2020.

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