2019-2020 St. Michael's Episcopal School Community Service Form
Please submit the following form for the Middle School community service you have completed. Please submit this form during the quarter in which you completed the given project or activity so we can recognize you appropriately.

St. Michael’s strives to develop empathetic, open minded, respectful and reflective young people who give of themselves through service to the school, local and global community. With a strong commitment to Christian values, we educate, encourage and support our students to engage in positive citizenship.

Our objective is to raise intercultural awareness of local and global issues and encourage responsible action. This objective will be met through education and service opportunities.

Service is effectively a unit of study. Unlike mathematics, which is largely contained within math classes (except in the cases of interdisciplinary units), service permeates the entire curriculum as well as co-curricular efforts.

FOUR MAIN TYPES OF SERVICE: [adapted from the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse]
1. Direct Service - Person-to-person efforts in which service impacts individuals who receive direct help from students (e.g., tutoring, meal delivery).
2. Indirect Service - Projects with benefits to a community or group, not individuals (e.g., neighborhood cleanup, food drive).
3. Advocacy - Working, acting, or communicating to encourage action or create awareness about an issue.
4. Research - Expanding one’s own knowledge or the general knowledge-base on an issue (e.g., surveys, studies, evaluations, experiments, data-gathering).

In other words, service is something that requires you to give of your time outside of your normal daily routine. If there is an experience that you have at School that constitutes service, your supervising teacher will determine how many hours that you completed. If you are not given that information, please check with Mr. Hansen and he will coordinate with your teacher when necessary.

Our hope here at St. Michael's is that students will take the opportunity to engage in service projects that will push them outside of their comfort zone and LEARN new things about themselves and others in the greater Richmond area and beyond.

If you need service project ideas, please contact Mr. Hansen and/or visit HandsOn RVA's website or check the Chaplain's Corner for announcements.

The student handbook details the following MINIMUM service requirements for graduation from each grade:
6th - 4 hours
7th - 5 hours
8th - 6 hours
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Who was the contact person for this project? Your Troop Leader? Your Parent? Member of that organization? For Meals on Wheels, I would be the service supervisor, for example.
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Type of Service (see definitions above) *
When did you complete this service? *
If you are unsure of the exact date, please give your best estimate (i.e. November 18, 2018). If this service took place across multiple dates, please include those below separated by commas.
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What quarter did this take place?
Number of Hours Completed (NOTE: If you did a fraction of an hour, i.e. 6.5, please write 6 hours and then note in your reflection prompts that you did 6.5. I will then know to correct it in my spreadsheet) *
Please write ONLY a number (e.g. 6 instead of Six Hours).
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Reflection Prompts
Please spend time with this section - try to go beyond short responses such as "I liked it". I use this section to help determine winners of the Service Award during the year as I am not always familiar with the organization you served with on a given day.
Your Preparation *
Why did you choose this project and/or what did you hope to accomplish? What need were you meeting? Did you have prior experience or connection with this organization? Did a friend invite you? What was the goal of your service work?
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Your Action *
What did you do and how did it/will it help others? If applicable, what interactions did you have with those you were serving or other volunteers?
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Your Reflection *
Please go beyond "I felt good". What did you learn about yourself and others? How did your actions make you feel? What new skills did you learn? Did you try something new? What new insights or perspectives did you receive from those you served?
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Your Demonstration (If applicable)
Did you share your experience with others (i.e. giving a report, creating a publication or website, write an article or letter to a newspaper, create visual art form, etc.)?
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