Application for CSE 458
Computer Animation is an introduction to basic principles of computer generated animation. This course focuses on the modeling, shading, lighting, and animating of 3D characters. Students from CSE, Art, Drama, DxArts, Interaction Design, Music and other related majors will team up on the projects, which will be built on commercially available modeling and lighting packages.
Note: CSE 458 is the first in a series of classes in Computer Animation. Students accepted into CSE 458 will need to be sure that they are available to enroll in subsequent courses that take place in Winter quarter and Spring quarter.
Please note that you may be asked to come in for an interview. Decisions will be e-mailed before Autumn quarter.
1. Complete this form by July 11th for early review. Beyond that admissions are rolling.

2. Submit a portfolio, a demo reel, or any pertinent material that would indicate your background or interest in the field of computer animation. Materials will NOT be returned so be sure to submit materials that are copies, not originals. Digital or scanned portfolios are preferred.

You are highly encouraged to submit your portfolio at the earliest date possible. Additional materials may be requested.

3. On a following page, write up a paragraph about yourself and your motivation for taking this course. What background do you have that you feel prepares you for the course? What interests you most about animation? What about computer animation? What do you hope to get out of the experience? Do you see yourself going into the field of computer animation after graduating?

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