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Bitcoin (BTC) 36Gk11Sd7FwCCWbRMA2n8SvzYHrPAfXm7v
(minimum payment 0.001 BTC)

Ethereum (ETH) 0x3e14acf74b9492e5abf02691754fda64d6283b8d
(minimum payment 0.001 ETH)

Waves 3PHEArHiPsE8Yq32UagdewzrupY6Ycw8M73
(minimum payment 0.01 Waves)

Litecoin (LTC) LfThvuiMvZmG9s5aqA7f8b9rTWKtTaQ3Pm
(minimum payment 0.001 LTC)

Zcash (ZEC) t1Y3bVXJ14gLpW67EDcUgwswVVs4NgwLPT8
(minimum payment 0.001 ZEC)

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