WHIRO- Intermediate evaluation
This questionnaire is addressed to both students and teachers at the end of the first year project in order to measure the level of improvement achieved in the all participants.
Which participating country of the partnership do you belong to? *
1. At the end of the first year project, have you improved your awareness about VAW (Violence against women)? *
2. How much is the level of this awareness? *
3. Do you know what the Convention of Istanbul is? *
4. How much the Convention of Istanbul affected the governments policy in Europe? *
5. It is important to know the national and international laws on VAW for defending women rights ? *
6. If all women knew techniques of physical defence (judo, karate, ju jitsu etc.), VAW would be eliminated. *
7. Do you know the difference between psychological and economical violence? *
8. The International Day of Women (March 8th) celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women in many countries around the world. *
9. In each country the International Day of Women is the triumph of the progress made *
10. The Declaration of Human rights states “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. “ *
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