Summer 2021 Stories
Please use this form to capture stories about our clients this summer. This could be cool stories of growth, learning, or positive interactions. These stories could be adapted and used in our social media, a mailer, or other forms of publications to our donors and supporters. Please use the students real name and we will change it to a pseudonym if we will use it. They should be about 200 or so words.

Here is an example of a good short story: At NHH, we recognize not only the importance of academics, but the development of character as well. In the elementary program, each session begins with “Family Time,” a brief period dedicated to teaching students the importance of positive choices and the impact our decisions have on other people. Our goal is for students to pay attention and interact during Family Time, but it is even better when we see our kids put these principles into practice with their classmates and families. This occasion took place between two third grade students, Alexis and Michael. Michael is new to the program and had a difficult time integrating with the other students. Alexis recognized his struggle and began sitting next to him while he was reading so she could listen to the story. Alexis’s listening to the story turned into reading with Michael and now, they choose books with a girl and boy part so they can each read their own lines. Their friendship through reading sets a positive example for the other students and supports their tutor as she is able to focus on helping others with their work. Alexis demonstrated the effect that kindness can have on someone, and Michael now has a place to belong at Homework House.
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